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Do you want to build the Eiffeltower in Central Park or open up a pop-up take out restaurant in the middle of nowhere? We create PR worthy activations, that will definitely catch the news.


A physical experience contributes to a positive perception. Create an exclusive experience for your target audience with a temporary store! From concept development and store selection, to building materials, furnishing and executing the day by day shopping business: we oversee the project from beginning to end.

Shopper Marketing

By using the effect of surprise and creatively demonstrating product samples, you’ll inspire consumers in pre-set shopping modus to step out of their comfort zone and buy the product. Selection of locations, planning, supply delivery, training of brand ambassadors; we facilitate it all from A to Z.

Social / Influencer Support

A powerful social media / influencer campaign can help you reach your specific target audience. Already developed a top notch social concept but need some productional support in creating content? Just give us a call.

(Digital) Sampling

Sample locations, permits, transportation, warehousing, staff, you name it and we’ll arrange it. Even during a lockdown, when the consumer mostly stays at home, we create a quick interruption by enriching a physical sample with a digital experience to target the consumer online.


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